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PM Software Development is the designer of MatStream.
Downloadable Bill of Materials BOM System for a Windows environment.

What is MatStream?
MatStream is a modular database driven application for Product Information management and creation of Bills of Materials. It is developed for the engineering sector to ease the process of creating bomís and documentation manuals.

What is the idea of MatStream?
Create a product group in MatStream Product Information Center PIC. Add data to it that will be used for bills of materials BOM's.

Link the product group to an item in a material list of MatStream Bill of Materials (BOM). The data and documentation from Product Information Center is now available for the item in the Bill of Materials.

The next time this type number is used in a material list, MatStream Bill of Materials will automatically link the appropriate product group to it, but the only thing you had to do this time is copy or type this type number in the Bill of Materials.
With this feature, Bill of Materials (BOM) is intelligent and will recognize all the type numbers that are added and linked to a product group. Within a few months, 80% of the documentation will be linked automatically.

Product Information Center Icon Product Information Center (PIC) 

With MatStream Product Information Center you quickly find previous saved products, and their information like supplier data, attached documentation, certificates, properties etc. With some search criteria you can find the type of product you are looking for. You no longer need to know where your information is located on your server.

Preview Product Information Center (PIC)
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 Bill Of Materials (BOM)

With MatStream Bill of Materials you create BOM's. Items from MatStream PIC can be dragged or copied into this BOM. With this operation the link to the product data and documents will be remained. MatStream Bill of Materials features automatic printing of documentation and certificates for product manuals.

Preview Bill Of Materials (BOM)
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