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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I register MatStream since it is free for download?
Only with a registered version it is possible to use it on a network. When using MatStream in a network environment, you will take great advantage of all the data entered by your colleagues. 

Does the shareware version has limitation?
The only limitation is that it is not for a multi user environment. There are no limitations regarding the period of time to use.

Sometimes I do my work at home, is it possible to use MatStream there?
MatStream is very useful for people working at home. When you copy the MatStream databases and product documentation from your business to a cd rom, you can use this digital product information for working home.

Can I send the documentation and data to my clients on a cd-rom?
Yes, MatStream has export features that makes it possible to select which data to export. Your client can install the shareware version and makes it possible to view and print the product documentation themselves.

Why do I need to register both applications separately?
Product Information Center can be used for other purposes like inventory management, creation of a product catalog, or even for machinery maintenance management. By keeping the application separate it is up to you if you want to register Bill Of Materials.


If you have questions, please send them to us at info@pmsoftware.nl.
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