MatStream introduction

What is MatStream?

MatStream is a modular software group for the product information management of used products in your production process.

MatStream consist of two modules:

The product data is saved in the database of PIC and can be used for the creation of bills of materials in BOM. All the data of the bills of materials is saved in a separate database of BOM. Normally he items in a bill of materials will be linked to the product group in PIC. By this the item in this bill of materials will inherit the product data and documentation from the program group.
Because the data is saved in a database, some of this data will be reused for other projects.

What is the idea of MatStream?
Create a product group in Product Information Center (PIC). Add product data, supplier data to the group and link electronic documentation like certificates, manuals, AutoCadŽ drawings etc. to it.

Link the product group to an item in your bill of materials of MatStream Bill Of Materials (BOM). The data and documentation from Product Information Center (PIC) is now available for the item in your bill of materials. The link between the type number in the bill of materials and the product group will be saved and indexed in the database. The next time this type number is used in a bill of materials, MatStream will recognize it and links it automatically to the proper product group. Because of this type number recognition, MatStream will take more and more work from you. Within a few months a large amount of type numbers will be recognized and you don't have to search the documentation yourself anymore. 
From within the bill of materials it is possible to automatically print or export all the attached documentation. With this feature you can create in short time as well the electronic as the printed manuals for your project. The searching to and the copying of the product documentation is now history. 

Advantages of MatStream Product Information Center

Advantages of MatStream Bill Of Materials