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You can download the MatStream free of charge.
The unregistered version may be used on a single use pc for an unlimited period of time.

Why should I register MatStream?

When you want to use MatStream in on a network, then you will have to register the software. The great advantage of using MatStream on a network is that all the data can be shared with other MatStream users in your network.

How many licenses do we need?

The MatStream modules are based on floating licenses. This means that you don't have to register a license for every pc MatStream is installed on. When you have i.e. 4 licenses registered, then 4 users can login to the database at the same time (concurrent logins).  

In general you need about 1 license per 4 users.
(Generally not all users are logged in for a full day)

Price information?
The MatStream modules have to be registered seperate from each other. It is not necessary to register equally as much of each module. You may register 1 license for Product Information Center, and 5 licenses for Bill Of Materials.
  Product Information Center Bill Of Materials
First license 1) EUR 200,= EUR 230,=
Second and next licenses EUR 350,= EUR 450,=
1) For the first license there is a special introduction price.
- These prices are excluding V.A.T.
- These prices are valid until 31-december 2004
- For the registration of Bill Of Materials, you must at least have 1 license of Product Information Center.
How do I order?

Select the link Go to the order form down below.
Fill out this form and you will receive an invoice to pay the license fee. When this license fee is on our bank account, the registration code will be mailed to you instantly.  

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